Oil and Gas Drilling and Product, Haas Petroleum and Sky Drilling 1965 Haas Drilling Wichita Falls Spudder
Haas Drilling with a Wichita Falls Spudder Model 50 in 1965.

Haas Petroleum’s roots began in John Haas in 1935. He continued this successful spirit when he officially formed Haas Drilling in 1955. He was later inducted into the Kansas Oil Producer’s Hall of Fame for his vast contributions to the state’s oil industry.

Both of John’s sons, Gary and Mark, became active in the oil industry. They learned the fundamentals of Kansas oil production and geology from their father.

While Gary Haas formed the Gary Haas Oil Company, Mark carried on the legacy of Haas Oil with the formation of Haas Oil in 1974. This was later renamed Haas Petroleum in 2005. Today, Mark Haas’ son, John, continues to be active with Haas Petroleum, and is the fourth Haas generation to work in the industry.

Since its formation, Haas Petroleum has grown from being a small producer to becoming one of the top 60 oil producers in the state of Kansas. Haas Petroleum is licensed to operate in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Haas Petroleum employs a total of 30 full-time workers in its operations, which is headquartered in its Gridley field office and its north field office in Wellsville, Kansas. These operations are supervised by Randy Bishop and John Haas, Mark’s son. Randy Bishop has been a vital part of Haas Petroleum for over 30 years.

Haas Petroleum has hired David Griffin, University of Kansas graduate, as head geologist. His primary job is the evaluation of new acquisitions, mapping and drilling sites infield.