Haas Drilling was formed in the 1950’s. Mark Haas followed in his father’s steps when he formed Coconut Drilling, Inc. in 1976. Mark officially formed Skyy Drilling, LLC in 2002, and is the president of the company. Skyy Drilling is a full service drilling company. Skyy Drilling offices moved in 2015 to Overland Park, KS.

Skyy Drilling owns and operates 5 full-service drilling rigs including capability up to 5000 ft.

When any drilling project starts, experience matters. With four generations of industry knowledge, Skyy Drilling is unique in its field. Skyy Drilling has earned a reputation of reliability, stability, and on-time performance that is demanded in this trade.

Ben Harrell, tool pusher, heads up all drilling operations for Skyy Drilling. Ben has international drilling experience.

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